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Prevent peanut allergy with peanut: Vini Mini stops the growing number food allergies

Start-up Vini Mini launched a product to prevent peanut allergies. Tiny amounts of powdered peanuts are sold by the company in capsules or sachets. The amount peanut that you add to your child's food is gradually increased with these nutritional supplements.

Founders Vini Mini in Quote

Vini Mini wants to prevent food allergies with supplements.
Jozien Boersma and Laurie Lancee are the founders of Vini Mini and know each other from their studies at the Hoge Hotelschool. They set aside 10% of their revenue to sell their product at less to offer wealthy parents.

Vini Mini in Fabulous Mama

Fabulous Mama writes about the importance of giving allergens early and often; to the based on Laurie's personal story. In issue 4 of this year you can read all about how to increase the chance of a food allergy decreases.

Vini Mini in Parents of Nu

Read the story of 1 of the founders Laurie Lancee in the article by Ouders van Nu and her son Viggo. This was the reason to start with Vini Mini and to tell all parents about it early and often giving peanut and egg.

Founder Laurie with her story in Wendy

    Online magazine Wendy wants to share lifelike stories of women about the pain we all face, help and empower each other. Such is the story of the founder of Vini Mini.

    Trade magazine Early: Supplements to prevent food allergies in babies

    Vini Mini is featured in Vakblad Early!

    The Trade Magazine for professionals who work in maternity care with children up to the age of seven and their parents, pays attention to our products.

    Vini Mini bij EditieNL

      EditieNL approached us to make an item about the importance of giving peanuts and eggs early and often. prevent food allergies. We were happy to work with you!

      Podcast Little Kitchen & Vini Mini

        Listen here to the podcast about early giving of allergens and food allergies from Laurie Lancee, founder Vini Mini and Kirsten Toeset, founder of the Little Kitchen and read the blog here we have for the Small Kitchen wrote.

        Start early with eggs and peanuts for babies to prevent allergies

          Read the article in NRC about the experience of Laurie Lancee, the founder of Vini Mini

          Vini Mini & de Pindakaaswinkel launches first 100% Dutch peanut butter

            Read here about our collaboration with the Peanut Butter Shop and farmer Anniek!

            Watch the interview of the regional channel RTV Noord-Holland about here de testing peanut cultivation in the Netherlands.span>
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