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We take pride in our Advisory Board's role in helping us achieve our mission.

Ruurd van Elburg, Professor of Early Life Nutrition at the Amsterdam University Medical Center, is a former pediatrician and serves as the Chair of our Advisory Board.

Suze Linders brings years of experience as an interim director of operations within various healthcare organizations, including hospitals. In recent years, she has also applied her knowledge and experience to support emerging companies developing healthcare innovations.

Berber Vlieg-Boerstra runs her own dietetics practice, Vlieg Dietitians. Berber holds a Ph.D. and conducts research on the relationship between nutrition and allergies at OLVG and Rijnstate. Additionally, she has collaborated with international colleagues to promote the role of allergen dietitians on an international level within European and American allergy professional associations.

Petra Vossenberg has a background in biotechnology and conducted her doctoral research as a process technologist, working both as a researcher of new process technologies and as a process developer for new products.

Patricia Ploeger is a child nutrition expert, dietitian, and a mother. She previously worked at the Nutrition Center, where she guided consumers and professionals in the areas of healthy nutrition and food allergies.