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My first peanut in 3 or 6 steps is an easy and clear way for parents who are still a little nervous introducing peanuts. I would recommend this product.

My first peanut follow-up kit is easy to dose, you know for sure that you give the right amount and it is easy to mix. I would recommend this product.

We gave Timo my first peanut in 3 stepsand it was a success. Now we give him the follow-up kit every week. The product is easy to use and has a clear description of how and when to give it. We are very happy with this tool to reduce the risk of food allergies and we certainly recommend it to other parents.

Vini Mini ontdekt op de 9 maandenbeurs. Toen was mijn dochter nog te klein ervoor.. maar toen het zo ver was dat ik pinda/ei moest gaan aanbieden in stapjes.. dacht ik direct weer aan Vini Mini. Direct besteld en het is een top product!

Giving peanuts for the first time in 3 or 6 steps

Based on scientific research we developed my first peanut in 3 and 6 steps. This one products contain the right dosage of peanut flour to give peanut to your baby for the first time. This way you can safely see how your Mini reacts to eating peanuts.

Always do the Vini Mini test first to see which product best suits your Mini.

Hoe geef je voor het eerst pinda aan je baby? Voor het eerst pinda geven aan je baby in 3 stappen. Schema waarmee je in 3 stappen pinda kan geven aan je kleintje. Testen of je baby een pinda-allergie heeft. Hoe kan je een pinda-allergie voorkomen?

My first peanut Follow-up kit to keep giving peanut

If your Mini went through our my first peanut in 3 or 6 steps without any problems, it is important that to continue to give peanuts weekly. For this you can use our my first peanut Use follow-up kit.

Our Follow-up Kit contains 100% peanut flour and a measuring spoon makes it easy to administer the correct dose every week add to the snack of your Mini.

Before you buy our products, always do the Vini Mini test.

Hoeveel pindakaas moet ik wekelijks blijven geven aan mijn baby. Hoe voorkom ik een voedselallergie bij mijn baby. Alternatief voor pindakaas om aan je baby te geven. Pinda-allergie voorkomen. Schema om pinda te geven aan je baby. Pinda. Pindakaas

Reduce the risk of a food allergy in your baby

Research shows that you can reduce the chance of a peanut and egg allergy by 80% by feeding your baby peanuts and egg early and often. Doctors and the Nutrition Center recommend giving peanuts and eggs before the age of 6 or 8 months. Our healthy, convenient and reliable nutritional supplements will help you give and keep giving peanuts. Breastfeeding is the most important food for your baby for the first 6 months.
Why give peanut & egg to your Mini?

The number of children with food allergies has doubled in the past 10 years. Scientific research shows that you can use the The chance of a peanut and egg allergy is reduced by giving them to a Mini early and often.

When to give peanut & egg to your Mini?

To reduce the risk of food allergies in your Mini is the advice of healthcare professionals: start giving before the age of 6 or 8 months. The start and quantity can be different for each Mini. To do this, do our test.

How to give peanut & egg to your Mini?

Once your Mini is used to the first bites, you can start with peanuts and egg. Using a . for the first time schedule en then continue to give peanut and egg weekly. You can use peanut butter, boiled egg or our products for this.

What medical experts say

“Prevention is better than cure, early introduction of food allergens can help to prevent food allergies!”

NRC 2019: "In the past, the advice was not to give young children peanuts and eggs. Now we know that we can prevent a large part of the allergies, precisely by giving babies peanuts and eggs from a very young age and continue to do so consistently"

Nutrition & Vision: “It is becoming increasingly clear that allergies can be prevented. It would It is very well possible that the peanut clinic will develop into a prevention clinic for more allergens in the future.”

About us

Our world changed when we became mothers; especially when Laurie's son had a severe allergic reaction got when he was 6 months old. Fortunately, by giving him peanuts and nuts early and often, a peanut- and nut allergies are prevented.

Vini Mini was born from this, because we believe that every Mini has the right to a healthy, happy and carefree life!

Vini Mini de gezonde, gemakkelijke manier om pinda en ei te geven aan je baby. Voorkom voedselallergie bij je baby. Preventie. Pinda en ei geven aan een baby van 4 -6 maanden.

Vini Mini: the movie

For your Mini and another Mini

We believe EVERY Mini deserves the same opportunity for a healthy & happy start in life. Buy for your Mini and give to another Mini! 10% of our proceeds is reserved for parents who have less to spend.

Preventie in de eerste 1000 dagen, van zwangerschap tot je kindje 2 jaar is. Voorkom voedselallergie. Voedingssupplementen die je gemakkelijk door je hapje van je baby roert. Afgewogen stapjes om voor het eerst pinda te geven aan je baby.