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Gastblog Vini Mini met de Kleine Keuken

Guest blog Vini Mini with the Small Kitchen

Did you know that 80% of peanut allergies can be prevented? Not me. Until my son Viggo had a life-threatening allergic reaction when he was 6 months old. Thanks to the early and frequent feeding of allergens, we have been able to prevent a food allergy with Viggo.


Vini Mini was born from this, because we believe that every Mini has the right to a happy, healthy and carefree life without food allergies.


Number of children with food allergies is rising!

Unfortunately, Viggo is not alone; but more and more children have food allergies. About 7% of all children in the Netherlands have a food allergy and this number has even doubled in the past 10 years!


Eczema can cause a food allergy

I always thought that eczema is a reaction to a food allergy, but it's the other way around!

In scientific studies they have found that children can become allergic through the skin. So if your Mini has eczema (like my son Viggo), the allergens enter through the broken skin. The immune system of your Mini does not understand what this is and immediately starts producing antibodies. If you then give the peanut via the correct route (namely via the gastrointestinal tract), your Mini can get an allergic reaction!


Major impact on a personal, social and global level

Having a food allergy is of course very annoying for the children themselves and their immediate environment. Because I speak from personal experience that children's parties, treats and dining out will never be the same again.


But food allergies also bring other problems with it.


  1. The extra pressure on healthcare
  2. The high social costs
  3. It is difficult to eat plant-based, because many meat substitutes are made from legumes and nuts


80% of peanut allergies can be prevented!

Fortunately, there is good news!

Recent scientific studies (EAT, LEAP, PETIT, NL Peanut) show that giving allergens early and often (such as peanut and egg) drastically reduces the risk of a food allergy.


Start on time and keep giving peanuts!

It is important to start early so that your Mini has not already developed an allergy. For Minis with an increased risk (eczema, familial predisposition or a previous reaction) this is between 4 and 6 months and for all other children before the age of 8 months.

And then it is also very important that you continue to give peanuts every week for 6 months, to prevent your Mini from eventually becoming allergic.


Keep the skin of your Mini well oily

In addition, keeping the skin of your Mini well-oiled is very important, so that the allergens cannot enter through the skin! Use fat creams for this.


Vini Mini: The healthy, easy and reliable way to give peanuts to your baby

With our supplements we want to help parents to give and continue give peanuts to their Mini in a healthy, easy and reliable way. The supplement can easily be added to the vegetable or fruit snack.


First of all, we made a test, in collaboration with a pediatric allergist, to determine which product suits your Mini best. After answering a few questions about age, familial predisposition, previous reactions and eczema; you can see whether it is best to give your Mini peanuts the first time in three or in six smaller steps.


You can start with our my first peanut in 3 (or 6) steps where you give increasing amounts of peanut to your Mini to see if there is a reaction to peanut.


If this goes well, you can move on to our my first peanut follow-up kit, adding a scoop of peanut to your Mini's snack every week for 6 months.


Start giving peanuts to your Mini now!

Do you also want to start giving peanuts to your Mini? Then do first our test to see which products are most suitable for your Mini.


Do you have any questions; then we are happy to help you! You can contact info@vinimini.nl.



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