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Vini Mini at EditeNL

Editie NL made an item about Vini Mini and the prevention of food allergies

Editie NL approached us to make an item about the importance of giving peanuts and eggs early and often in order to prevent food allergies.

We were happy to work with you! Hereby the link to the news item and a summary below. 

Food allergies are a growing problem

5-7% of children have a food allergy and this number has doubled in the last 10 years.

Food allergies can be prevented

Editie NL goes further by saying that 85% of food allergies can be prevented by giving allergens early and often

Mission Vini Mini: prevent food allergies!

After our own experience and research showed that many food allergies can be prevented, we have made it our mission to help as many Minis and their parents as possible. We want to prevent serious allergic reactions to Minis and we want to make it easier for parents. This gives all parents and their Mini's the chance for a healthy, happy and carefree start without food allergies!

Vini Mini products: the healthy, easy and reliable way to give peanuts to your baby

Vini Mini aims to provide a solution with healthy, convenient and reliable nutritional supplements for babies, which are based on scientific research and guidelines from doctors.

We offer nutritional supplements with which you can give allergens to your Mini in an easy, reliable and healthy way. We now offer peanut nutritional supplements and develop nutritional supplements for other allergens together with universities and medical professionals.

Differences with peanut butter

Because our mission is to prevent food allergies, it is important to us that all parents start giving peanuts to their Mini on time. Whether with peanut butter or our products; we leave that choice up to you. On our website you will find schematics before introducing with peanut butter. We even have a 100% Dutch peanut butter made with the Peanut Butter Shop!

Differences between peanut butter and our products:

  1. Our products are personalized to the needs and risk profile of your Mini. For high-risk Minis, we have my first peanut in 6 steps developed and for all other Minis my first peanut in 3 steps.
  2. Our products are precisely measured and based on guidelines from pediatric allergists and pediatric dieticians. This means you can never give too much (or too little) to your Mini.
  3. Our products contain no traces of other allergens (nuts) 
  4. Our products are high in protein, so you only have to give half compared to a peanut butter
  5. We set aside 10% of our proceeds for parents who need our products but cannot afford them.

In addition, our products are made from 100% high-quality peanuts and do not contain salt, sugar or other additives (such as some types of peanut butter). 

Nutrition center indicates that feeding peanuts and eggs to babies early is important

The Nutrition Center was asked for their opinion about giving peanuts and eggs early and which products you can use for this. 

In 2019 we collaborated with the HAS for our products and the Nutrition Center presented the Food Innovation Bachelor Award to a HAS student in that year. At the time, the product was a ready-to-eat snack instead of a supplement, but the aim was also to give peanuts and eggs to babies in small steps. The Nutrition Center was very enthusiastic about this: "We hope to be able to find these products on the shelves soon." 

As a result of this award, we had a meeting with the Nutrition Center and they indicated that there were 2 points for improvement:

  • Make a product that you can add to your own snacks instead of ready-made snacks. >They have therefore become supplements that every parent can easily add to their child's daily snack.
  • Make a product that is available and affordable to everyone. >That's why we reserve 10% of our proceeds for parents who would like to purchase our products, but cannot afford it.

We have therefore picked up the points for improvement and incorporated them in the development of our products. That's why it's nice that the Nutrition Center indicates that these products  can be an alternative for parents who want to give peanuts to their Mini in a reliable and easy way.

Thank you Nutrition Center and Edition NL for this beautiful item!