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Whether it is better to give peanuts and eggs in the hospital or at home depends on the age and risk factors of your baby

First answer 4 questions in the test to see if you can also start at home with peanut & egg.

In the following situations it is recommended to give peanuts and egg in the hospital

  1. Your baby is older than 8 months and has moderate to severe eczema
  2. There has been a previous acute reaction to another food

Consult with the doctor in the following situations what the best route is

Consult with a general practitioner or consultation office if:

  1. Your baby is between 6-8 months old and has moderate to severe eczema
  2. There is a food allergy in the family or another reason that you are nervous to introduce at home

Which hospitals can I go to to give my baby peanuts and eggs?

See below a list of hospitals where you can go with your baby:

How does an introduction in the hospital (clinical introduction) work?

If you would like to know what exactly happens during an introduction in the hospital, read the blog here.

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