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My first peanut Flips

When you have finished all steps from the My first peanut in 3 or 6 steps, it is essential you continue giving the recommended weekly dosage of peanuts. For this purpose you can use the My first peanut Follow-up kit where you can measure the exact recommended dosage with the measuring spoon. 

Next to that, you can use the My first peanut or tree nuts Flips. To give the recommended weekly dosage of peanut or nuts, you will have to give 1 bag of flips to your baby. However, we recommend to give the Flips in addition to the Follow-up Kit. The Flips are also perfect as a snack for older kids!

The My first (pea)nut Flips are made of 100% corn and (pea)nuts (vitamine B1), are gluten-free and don't contain any salt or sugar. The form and texture are perfect for your baby.

Before buying this product, it is essential you have already given your Mini peanut in 3 or 6 steps.

*If your Mini has been diagnosed with a peanut or nut allergy or you suspect an allergy, you cannot give our products to him or her without consulting the attending physician or the health center.

Ingredients: PEANUT flour with corn flour or CASHEW flour, HAZELNUT flour, and WALNUT flour plus corn flour (Vitamine B1)