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Vini Mini and De Peanut Butter Shop launch the very first 100% Dutch peanut butter

Now taste the very first peanut butter from Dutch soil

Our search for the first-class peanuts has resulted in the very first 100% Dutch peanut butter! Dutch Peanut Butter is a collaboration of Vini Mini, The Peanut Butter Shop and farmer Anniek. A project that must ensure fewer Minis with a peanut allergy, even more brilliant peanut butter and a healthy future for farmers in the Netherlands.
You can even make the very first peanut butter from the Netherlands come and taste it for free in one of the fourteen Peanut Butter Shops.

Boerin Anniek

Dutch Peanut Butter starts with Anniek Huijbregts from Reusel. For years her family grows potatoes, onions and vegetables. But enterprising as she is, she thinks of it growing peanuts. After a test in her vegetable garden, in 2020 she will plant one hectare full of six different varieties of peanuts. Two out of six are successful, and although the harvest is limited, it experiment is a success.

Vini Mini

Vini Mini would like to use the Dutch peanuts from the 2021 harvest in their baby products. In their fight against food allergies in children, they are looking for first-class peanuts with the smallest possible ecological footprint and as little heavy as possible metals and aflatoxin. Peanut allergies can lead to life-threatening reactions, and deliver great pressure on health care and society. By children at a very young age this super safe giving peanuts can prevent up to 80% of subsequent allergies. This has Laurie, one of the founders, can experience for themselves with her son. Together with Jozien she has Vini Mini founded to contribute from their own experience to a healthy, happy and carefree life for mothers and their Minis in the first 1000 days.

The Peanut Butter Shop

They are also bouncing with enthusiasm at De Pindakaaswinkel. Dutch peanuts fit well with the company objectives. They give farmers a view of a healthy future, and cultivation can contribute to the balance of natural agriculture. Top. Doing it yourself also means that De Pindakaaswinkel is no longer dependent on the uniformity on the world market. How nice would it be if you could grow unique varieties yourself, especially for peanut butter? Especially in the Netherlands, nobody eats more peanut butter than we do. grow yourself, drying, storing, mixing peanut butter: the possibilities would be endless, and the world full of brilliant jars of the tastiest peanut butter.

The peanuts from the first harvest are peeled by hand and in the oven burned. It's still too little to sell per pot, but everyone can buy the first Dutch one peanut butter can be tasted for free in one of the Peanut Butter Shops.