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the Vini Mini test shows that a 6-step scheme for giving peanut best suits your Mini.

At home 6-step plan peanuts

Is your baby younger than 6 months, but your baby has moderate to severe eczema; or your baby is younger than 8 months, but there are allergies in the family or there is another reason for fear of introduction; then you can (after consultation with the doctor) give peanuts at home via this adapted 6-step schedule.

During 2 days you add 6 increasing amounts of peanut to the baby's food. For this you can use this scheme , drawn up in accordance with the guidelines of DAVO dietitians.

My first peanut in 6 steps contains 6 bags of capsules, with the correct dosage of peanut flour. This way you can safely and gradually increase the amount of peanut.


  • You do not have to measure the steps yourself, but the exact amount has been weighed for you.
  • The products are high in protein content, so you need less quantity
  • All our products are without the addition of salt and sugar.

We want to offer you a healthy, easy and reliable solution for your Mini.

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Tips for giving peanuts to your baby:

  • Make sure your baby is already used to fruit and vegetables. Start at 4 months with vegetables and fruit. It is recommended to start with vegetables and give one variety at a time. Suitable vegetables are cauliflower, green peas, beans, broccoli, carrots or pumpkin. If you want to try fruit, start with banana, peach, pear or melon. If this goes well, you can try other fruits and vegetables.
  • Inform the youth doctor, general practitioner or child health clinic in advance
  • The practitioner has told you which acute reactions you should stop at. Act as agreed with the practitioner and contact a doctor if necessary. If possible, take pictures of the reaction.
  • Make sure you start with the introduction in the morning on a weekday. If there is a reaction, then you can always call your doctor.
  • Keep your GP's number to hand & any prescribed medication.
  • Make sure your baby is not sick when you start.
  • Make sure the eczema is under control when you start.
  • Take a minimum break of 1 hour between steps.
  • Stir the peanut powder through the food.

IMPORTANT: After this, keep feeding your Mini peanuts every week!