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Home 3-Step Egg Giving Scheme

If your baby is between 4 and 8 months; and there are no risk factors such as eczema or previous reactions to food, then you can give egg at home via this schedule.
You then add increasing amounts over 3 days, in 3 steps overcooked egg to the baby snack. You can use this scheme for this, drawn up in accordance with the guidelines from DAVO dieticians and can also be found on the website of the Nutrition center.

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Tips for giving egg to your baby:

  • Get your baby used to fruit and vegetable snacks. Start offering mashed potatoes with 4 months vegetables and fruit. It is recommended to start with vegetables and to give 1 variety at a time. Suitable vegetables are cauliflower, green peas, beans, broccoli, carrots or pumpkin. If you want to try fruit, start with banana, peach, pear or melon. If this goes well, you can try other fruits and vegetables.
  • Make sure to start in the morning on a weekday. If there is a response, you can always call your doctor.
  • Make sure your baby is not sick when you start.
  • Give well-cooked scrambled or hard-boiled eggs.
  • Stir the egg through the snack. If necessary, grind this fine with the blender or stick blender.
  • As soon as your child eats bread, egg can be given as a topping on bread.

IMPORTANT: Keep feeding your baby egg weekly! And don't forget to start with peanuts: buy here our products!