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Which route & schedule do you choose to give peanut & egg to your Mini?

To determine which route is most suitable for your Mini, we have, in collaboration with the pediatrician-allergist of the Food Allergy Prevention Taskforce, created a decision tree.


Answer the following four questions and see which route for giving peanuts & egg best suits your Mini.

  1. How old is your baby?
    Research has shown that introducing allergens under the age of 8 months is recommended.
  2. Does your baby have eczema?
    Babies with moderate to severe eczema have up to 8 to 24 times increased risk of developing a food allergy.
  3. Has your baby had previous reactions to food?
    If your baby has had an acute reaction to another food, the risk of a reaction to another allergen also higher.
  4. Is there a fear for introduction or are there allergies in the family?
    There may be fear because of allergies or reactions in the family.

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