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Advisory Board: Petra Vossenberg

Petra has a biotechnological background (BSc, MSc and PhD). After her PhD research, she worked as a process technologist at FrieslandCampina (NL & Southeast Asia), as well as researcher of new process technologies for mild preservation of milk, as a process developer of processes for new products and the further development of current processes. After her role as global open innovation manager, she now contributes, among other things: to the Sustainable Food Initiative as R&D Fieldlab Liaison Officer, Greencovery as Market Innovation Lead and Start life as Mentor.

Petra is passionate about (open) innovation and enjoys being a linking pin to advance new ideas, combining her technical background with an enthusiasm for sustainable collaborations and adding value to the world we live in. This is completely in line with the mission of Vini Mini and therefore a great match for a collaboration!