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Combi Startkit in 3 steps and Follow-up Kit

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Combi Startkit in 3 steps and Follow-up Kit

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Scientific research has shown that by giving peanuts early and often, you decrease the chance of developing a peanut allergy in your baby. Before you start giving peanuts, always do first our Vini Mini test!

This combi package consits of My first peanut in 3 steps which enables you to give peanut for the first time in 3 increasing steps. AND the package contains the My first peanut Follow-up Kit, which enables you to continue giving peanut on a weekly basis.

The product is:

  • Healthy: no added salt or sugar
  • Easy: high in protein, so you only half to give a small portion
  • Safe: free from traces of other allergens and measured amount according to scientific research

This product is made from 100% peanut.* These powder is easy to mix with your baby's fruits and vegetable**

What pediatric dieticians say about this product:

"I would recommend this product. My first peanut in 3 steps is an easy and clear way for parents who find it a bit scary to introduce peanut."

*If your Mini is diagnosed with peanut allergy or you suspect an allergy, you cannot give our products to him or her without consulting your attending physician or the health clinic.

* *Up to the age of 6 months, breastfeeding is the main food and the first snacks are exclusively intended as an extra moment between breast and bottle feeding. Consultation before you always start with the treating person doctor or the health clinic.

Ingredients: peanutflour